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Steve's Story

One night when I was 12 years old, I woke up in a pool of urine. My parents didn't seem too worried, but they put much energy into ignoring it. A few days later, we went to Florida on vacation.

From my now frequent urination and continued weight loss, my parents decided to get a urine test kit to check my sugar (CGMs were a long way off). Accurate results required exactly 5 drops of urine and 10 drops of water in a test tube with a reagent tablet. The tablets turned the fluid into a different color depending on how much sugar is in the urine.  But we didn't have a dropper, so we put some water and urine in the test tube. Of course, the test was negative.  

On the first day back at school, I told my mother I didn't feel well. She sent me to bed and made me two fried eggs.  Down they went and up they came. She took me to the doctor, and tested my urine (correctly). I was in DKA.  My mother rushed me to the hospital. 


I spent a week there. When I felt better, I was taught to give an injection. I practiced on an orange for days.  Then it was time to just do it. I remember it like it was yesterday.  I pinched my right thigh, paused for a minute, stuck myself, injected the insulin, took the needle out of my leg, and then cried my eyes out. 

A lot has happened since then...


I've been a competitive athlete, married my soulmate, have had wonderful careers, great children and love where I live. I'm happy.


If you are not as happy as you want to be, I want to help you.

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Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

- John Lennon


Why I Became a Diabetes Coach

I have a rich life. Sometimes it's been richer than others. I’ve been successful career-wise… and not, in love… and not, health-wise and not.

So, I guess my life isn’t different from yours.

I’ve had diabetes for 48 years (a number that’s hard to

believe). At first blush, you’d think that there wasn’t much rich about having diabetes. But you’d be wrong.


Through the initial tough and depressing times, I came out stronger.


I learned resilience.


I learned to look inward and outward.


And I learned that to follow my passions gave me joy.


So, I decided to follow my passion. After a career in high-tech , I’ve become a diabetes health coach. I want to share my lifetime of knowledge and experience to help you meet your wellness goals. 

steve mann diabetes health coach

Enough About Me, Let's Talk About You

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