• Steve Mann

What is a Permanent Diabetes Vacation and why should you take one?

I believe a permanent vacation from diabetes leads to optimal and long-term health.

I'm not talking about ignoring your diabetes, or becoming lax in what you eat, not testing your BGs, or "forgetting" to take your insulin etc.

Not at all.

To take a diabetes vacation means tapping into your inner strength and states of relaxation, presence, mindfulness and focus, to achieve long-term health.

In our Diabetes Vacation Masterclass, you will learn how to use self-care, mindfulness, diabetes knowledge and community to enhance your health as a diabetic and meet the wellness objectives you've set for yourself.

What will you learn in your Masterclass?

The Masterclass consists of four modules, which include workshops, 1:1 coaching and information sessions.

Used individually, they are powerful.

Module 1: Self-care - Nothing in life works well if you don't work well. One of the foundational skills for humans is to take care of ourselves. This module focuses on developing self-care skills, attitudes and behaviors that are sustainable over the long-term.

Module 2: Mindfulness - Because diabetes throws us a lot of curveballs, the more we can remain mindful and present in our lives, the easier it is to hit those curveballs. It's possible to learn how to stay focused and present in the moment, even though living with diabetes is challenging.

Module 3: Diabetes knowledge - Turn diabetes wisdom into muscle memory. Know your choices with ease, and apply them to sharpen your management. and

improve your daily life.

Module 4: Engaging in online communities - Community support is an essential part of diabetes health. Sharing with others, providing your expertise and receiving in return completes the circle.

Utilized together, YOU are unstoppable.

What outcomes will you experience?

Participants in the Masterclass experience various health benefits, including:

  • Weight loss - on average 5-10% of starting body weight

  • One point decrease in BMI for every five pounds lost

  • Increased Time in Range of 5-10%

  • Less low blood sugars or dangerous highs

  • Improved muscle tone and endurance

  • More internal peace

  • Decreased anxiety, greater self-esteem and improved personal relationships

Why join a Masterclass now?

Learn the fundamentals of diabetes vacationing that have enhanced my daily life and my daily health. It's time to shift from lurching through your days wondering if you made the right decisions to one filled with more peace, balance and health.

Take a permanent diabetes vacation. Schedule your free Diabetes Vacation coaching session now!


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