• Steve Mann

I'm Not Experiencing Diabetes Fatigue... It's Open Rebellion

On the day I was diagnosed with T1D, I remember asking my doctor: “Am I going to die?.”

"No" he said. "How long will I have it?" "It's not going away." I was devastated. And angrier than I've ever been. But he said there was a lot of great research going on and that we'll have a cure soon. That was 40 years ago... still waiting.

So there's a lot to go into managing your diabetes

  1. Taking Insulin

  2. Looking at your Blood Glucose readings (if you're using a CGM, you're probably looking 50x a day.

  3. Sticking to a diet that works for you.

  4. Too many doctor appointments

  5. Forcing yourself to exercise even if you don't want to.

  6. Dealing with the stress and depression that can come along with a chronic illness

  7. Worrying about or dealing with complications....

  8. Wondering how to make intimacy spontaneous (I mean testing your BG is soooo sexy)

  9. Understanding YDMV (Your Diabetes May Vary).

  10. How much diabetes management is enough?

... this is actually a small list... so you get my drift.

Eventually you just say....


enough sign diabetes management

And then you probably want to go on a binge... my ideal binge (usually an overtreat of a low) can have any one of the following: chocolate, ice cream and/or pretzels (not necessarily in that order).

And you know what? Its ok. It's alright to throw a Big o'le Pity Party. Just make sure to invite your friends and make sure there is plenty of chocolate, ice cream and pretzels (not necessarily in that order).

I mean... I'm not telling you to do this. In fact, I'm recommending you don't binge or stop exercising. And DONT stop taking your meds. I'm telling you that it's ok to feel this way. Its ok to have moments of hurt and doubt. And say, "I'm done."

Guess what? You are entitled to take a day off though. It's OK to be less regimented - sleep in a little. Be less disciplined - don't plan a meal ahead of time. Veg out for a day. Limit yourself to looking at your BG once per hour.

But you're gonna have to get up on that horse or get back on the bicycle or, whatever metaphor suits you... so get your rest, realize you're not alone... talk with others, and get support from our community. After all, shared experiences make all goodness sweeter and badness less sour.


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